Your Business

You run a well-established and growing business

Your business has a proven competitive advantage and generates annual revenues of at least EUR 15m.

You are based in a new EU country or one which is on track to join.

You are looking for EUR 7-30m of funding from a long-term partner that will help accelerate the growth of your business, but who allows you to retain control.

We have a generalist approach and can provide extensive expertise in the following sectors:

We’d love to learn more about you, so please contact us directly.

Who You Are

We increasingly act as a one-stop-shop for management teams, but can also work alongside a private equity house.


Management teams

Long-term partnership suited to your financial and strategic needs

Our track record of backing Central European businesses means we are well placed to help you accelerate the growth of yours. Whether that means a buyout, capital for development or acquisitions, or even a change of management, we can help.

We can provide finance and added-value through our industry expertise and international networks.

Our funding will be tailored to your business and plans, rather than a cookie-cutter solution. We are often the only funder in a deal, and take an equity stake alongside you so that we are truly aligned.



Combined debt and equity to de-risk your investment

AMC’s core strategy of providing junior capital with downside protection, immediate yield and equity upside is an effective means of flattening the j-curve for investors and has been proven over its 18-year history. In that time, the firm has raised EUR 840m, backed more than 51 businesses in 12 countries, and made 37 full & partial exits.

The debt element of our deals is bespoke and offers immediate return for investors. The equity upside aligns us with management teams, meaning we work closely together to maximise returns.



Flexible funding for growth and succession plans

Having pioneered mezzanine in Central Europe in 2000, we have worked with more than 51 businesses. This means we have unrivalled experience in structuring bespoke deals for a variety of management needs, whether development capital, acquisition finance, buyouts or change of management.

We can work as a one-stop-shop or alongside a private equity house. We will take a minority stake so that management remain in control.

We consider most sectors, with a focus on manufacturing, business services, healthcare, financial services, TMT & IT.